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    Tango — Private Lessons

    Feel great sharing what you want to share, how you want to share it, with whom you want to share it.


    I share tango from a collaborative, beginner-mind perspective, helping students embrace their own dances with curiosity and compassion. I help you get in touch with your own journey, so that your dance is truly your own, expressing what is truly yours to share.


    I teach couples with particular emphasis on developing compassionate, clear, and trustworthy communication between partners.


    I believe we learn best when we play, when we explore, and when we trust ourselves as the ultimate authority on what's right for us. And I want you to feel comfortable in your own body, sharing your own artistic voice.


    Some places I have taught include Aosta, Berlin, Catania, Chicago, Lausanne, London, Los Angeles, Madison, New Orleans, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tarbes.
    Primary teachers include Sebastian Arce, Jorge Torres, Virginia Pandolfi, Guillermo García, Clarisa Aragón, Nikita Gerdt, and Ariadna Naveira.
  • DJ

    I love dj'ing milongas and private events. I consider it a good night when everybody enjoys dancing to music they love, that helps them connect with themselves and with others. I like to provide an arc with a variety of feelings throughout the night, that combines old favourites with some fresh and fabulous surprises. Let me take your dancers on a journey of play, discovery, and seduction.


    Some colours I love bringing to my musical palette are:

    The chiaroscuro of Osvaldo Pugliese

    The funk of Hugo Díaz
    The soul of Miguel Caló

    The beat of Juan d'Arienzo

    The spunk of Nelly Omar

    The boldness of Tango Bardo

    The voluptuousness of Aníbal Troilo

    The rawness of Ada Falcón
    ....and of course, the heart of Carlos Gardel. Whose music deserves to be shared.

  • Tango Clothes

    I had nothing to wear so I designed and made it myself....

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    Cotton jersey set in yellow

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    Cotton jersey shirt in pink