• Are you ready to claim the heretical truth within you?



    You have plans to take over the world, which is how you usually spend a Tuesday evening. You wish the world were less vanilla and a lot readier to understand your vision. People say you work hard, but they don't know that this is play for you.


    You are a badass, a pirate, a tinkerer, a creator, an explorer, a craftsman, a legend, and a heretic.


    This causes problems in a world of dogma-reciters. If only you had someone around to help you work through your incredible ideas and share them with the world.....


    I am an integrative counselor who helps entrepreneurs, visionaries, and heretics connect with and use whole-intelligence creative problem-solving skills. I enjoy the company of difficult and uncategorisable multipurpose people whose curiostiy drives them to forge today the world others will inhabit tomorrow. I value mindful questioning, emotional truth, raw answers, and pioneering courage.


    I use embodied hypnotherapeutic games, somatic enquiry play, creative storytelling, and meditative bodywork to help my clients choose their own adventures. I built my psychological counselling practice on top of years of teaching Eastern and Western bodywork, Argentine tango, and osteopathic and structural integration work. I see the body as our most direct route to the power of our greater consciousness. I spent many years studying martial arts, yoga, and the dances and music of the world. I complement this with a love of the magic of storytelling, perform at storytelling events in Berlin when the Plague is not happening, and have published sixteen books.


    I have been a Buddhist for thirty years.


    We are on this journey together. We both show up 100%. We both assume responsibility for what is ours, we are both invested in this process, and we are both fully committed to growth and transformation.

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    The Compendium 

    Urban Haiku Snapshots from the City that Tore Down the Wall

    Street life comes alive

    The Sunday Morning Zeichnenkaffeeklatsch

    Sketches from mornings in a portraiture group

    #Berlinunfotografiert 2

    More Urban Haiku

    from the City that Tore Down the Wall

    Verbal snapshots of street life

    Thirty-four Names for Love

    Three Monographs

    So many ways to love

    Magnetic Ghosts

    Human Stories from Around the World

    The odyssey of the human heart

    The Saltwater Yoga Pictures

    Saltwatercolor paintings of yoga

    So I Looked into My Coffee Grounds....

    Images from the Bottom of the Glass

    Journeys into the subconscious


    Urban Haiku

    from the City that Tore Down the Wall

    Everything that doesn't fit into a photo

    Only Connect

    Moments of Humanity

    from Around the World

    Portraits of what it means to be human

    Comunione d'Anime

    Communion of Souls

    Human Stories from Italy

    Life, love, and linguine

    It Takes Two

    Tango Dancers I Have Known and Been

    The dance of discovery

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