• Are you ready to claim the heretical truth within you?

    Ready to take control of a life greater than your wildest dreams?


    You have dreams. Visions. Plans to take over the world, which is how you usually spend a Tuesday evening. You've always Thought Different. Your pet peeve is that you wish the world were a little less vanilla and a lot readier to understand your big dreams. People say you work hard, but they don't know that this is play for you.


    You are a badass, a pirate, a tinkerer, a creator, an explorer, a craftsman, a legend, and above all

    ...a heretic.


    This can cause problems in a world full of dogma-reciters. If only you had someone around to help you work through your incredible ideas and share them incredibly with the world.....


    I am an integrative holistic business strategist. I use meditative embodiment, whole-mind-accessing, and constructive communication tools to help iconoclasts share tomorrow's visions today. I come from a lifelong background of Buddhism, meditation, hypnotherapy, somatic therapy, applied psychology and neuroscience, bodywork, martial arts, pranayama, energy work, the New York design world for film and theatre, and public storytelling. I created a life in Berlin as an accidental result of my time touring the world as an Argentine tango dancer and teacher.

    I bring the puzzle of one's whole mind (not just our prefrontal cortexes, but our whole brains, our bodies, our energies, our light and shadows, our pasts, and our communities) on board for the journey of life. Because when we bring seemingly disparate halves of ourselves together, we have a transformative whole that is far more powerful than the sum of its parts.

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