• Let's write you a new story.

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    Overwhelm. Anxiety. Loneliness. Sometimes all of us can feel stuck in a neverending story, waiting for happy endings that don't come. I'm here to help you choose your own adventure.


    You too can claim yesterday with compassion, craft today with clarity, and create tomorrow with confidence.

  • Is your story holding you back?

    You're awesome...and you're handling some challenges. We can work with this.

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    Do you celebrate your truth...and feel "different" because of it?

    Are you a creator, a polymath, an explorer, a pioneer...but old stories are keeping you from the breakthroughs you seek?

    Did you come here to live out loud...but find the process overwhelming?

    Do you proudly walk through fire for your values...but feel exhausted from the constant effort?

    Do you know that this world needs you...but also feel anxious and lost?


    I'm here to support your quest. Creatives, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, inventors, philosophers, athletes, magicians, pirates, heretics, and renegade chocolatiers...I am here for you. And together we will help you tell a new tale.

  • Details

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    I am accepting new California-based telehealth clients. I work with individuals, couples, families, and children.

    Together, we create a safe foundation where you can feel what you need to feel and process what you need to process. We build tools so you can embrace your core quests as sources of power. And we practice taking the baby steps and bold leaps that help you achieve your goals.


    I did my training in Integrative Psychological Counseling at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and my training in Expressive Arts Therapy at the Chicago Center for Creative Arts Therapy. My somatic therapeutic work is based on fourteen years of being a CA-licensed bodyworker, four years of being a registered yoga teacher, and thirty years of mindfulness practices. I also have certifications in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, DBT, and MBCT, and have passed Gottman Couples Training Level 2.


    I see clients for weekly 50-minute telehealth sessions through the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy in San Francisco.

    $150 for individuals, $180 for groups. 48-hour cancellation policy.

    AMFT#146160. APCC#16298.

    Supervised by Svetlana Kreimer LMFT#53525.

  • Ready for your new chapter?

    Please leave a message for me at 415-936-0369.

    Or click the button below to leave me an email.

    I look forward to hearing from you! 

  • But don't just take my word for it....

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    "Jordana is a skilled, patient, and exceptionally insightful therapist. When I was in dire personal circumstances, she was there for me to listen, reflect, and help me get to the core of the issues, and by my side to support me in my journey. She is gentle yet no-nonsense, compassionate yet direct. It is extremely rare in my experience with therapists to find someone so very present, dedicated, and masterful in their job to improve lives in a deep, lasting, fundamental manner."

    —Andreea Gorbatai PhD, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Researcher

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    "Jordana is amazing. Combining many different techniques she finds the keys that unlock your soul allowing for change to happen. Despite her extensive training and experience, there is never a feeling of that she is going through a list of moves. She is extremely present and meets you on several different levels, exactly where you need her.."

    —Eero Olli PhD, Negotiator and Philosopher

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    "Jordana excels at helping people understand their struggles in a way that feels resonant, interesting, and important. She provides a narrative framework for each person to understand their own path on the hero’s journey. What’s deeply personal ties into the universal wish for living with ease, skill, and peace. "

    —Elyse Shafarman MA, Alexander Technique Teacher and Berkeley Repertory Faculty

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    "I have had several sessions with Jordana over the years and she has really helped me understand and transform parts of my life that weren’t working. I have found her to be wise, insightful and empathetic, and she has a inspiring and creative way of helping you to understand truths so that you really get them. She is also genuinely very kind so you never feel judged. I would definitely recommend her. I think she is a rare gem and I have learnt so much from her."

    —Suzanna Moir PGCE CMT, Pianist and Bodyworker

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