• Are you ready to claim the heretical truth within you?



    You have plans to take over the world, which is how you usually spend a Tuesday evening. You wish the world were less vanilla and a lot readier to understand your vision. People say you work hard, but they don't know that this is play for you.


    You are a badass, a pirate, a tinkerer, a creator, an explorer, a craftsman, a legend, and a heretic.


    This causes problems in a world of dogma-reciters. If only you had someone around to help you work through your incredible ideas and share them with the world.....


    I am an integrative counselor who helps entrepreneurs, visionaries, and heretics connect with and use whole-intelligence creative problem-solving skills. I enjoy the company of difficult and uncategorisable multipurpose people whose curiostiy drives them to forge today the world others will inhabit tomorrow. I value mindful questioning, emotional truth, raw answers, and pioneering courage.


    I use embodied hypnotherapeutic games, somatic enquiry play, creative storytelling, and meditative bodywork to help my clients choose their own adventures. I built my psychological counselling practice on top of years of teaching Eastern and Western bodywork, Argentine tango, and osteopathic and structural integration work. I see the body as our most direct route to the power of our greater consciousness. I spent many years studying martial arts, yoga, and the dances and music of the world. I complement this with a love of the magic of storytelling, perform at storytelling events in Berlin when the Plague is not happening, and have published sixteen books.


    I have been a Buddhist for thirty years.


    We are on this journey together. We both show up 100%. We both assume responsibility for what is ours, we are both invested in this process, and we are both fully committed to growth and transformation.

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