• Testimonials

    People who chose to grow with me.

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    Andreea Gorbatai PhD

    Business Professor and Researcher

    I have had a handful of sessions with Jordana. I can attest that she is a skilled, patient, and exceptionally insightful counselor. When I was in dire personal circumstances, she was there for me to listen, reflect, and help me get to the core of the issues, and by my side to support me in my journey. She is gentle yet no-nonsense, compassionate yet direct. It is extremely rare in my experience with therapists and counselors to find someone so very present, dedicated, and masterful in their job to improve lives in a deep, lasting, fundamental manner.

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    Jamie Roberts MFA

    Teacher and Dancer

    Jordana is a smart and witty woman, who makes use of a light interaction, but can penetrate gently to the core of what is happening. She will listen to you, really hear you, and she will use all of her skills, talents and strategies as a coach, counselor, and bodywork specialist to help you get either to the bottom of your problem, or to elevate you the top of your possibilities. Her broad and intercultural experience make her a great choice for a wide variety of clients and challenges. If you are not even really sure what exactly you need, set up a consultation and perhaps she can help to get you on the right path. Highly recommended.

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    Allia Sadeghipour MA

    Activist and Professor

    Jordana is fantastic at having the ability to slow down time and guide you through your own process, creating a sense of self-agency. She teaches you what to do and passes it on like a gift rather than withholding her healing wisdom. If you are someone who truly wants to get better, learn skills, and heal, she is definitely the right person as she values her clients' independence and exploration of their healing journey. Absolutely amazing!

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    Alyssa Lew AMFT

    Psychotherapist and Singer

    Jordana’s unique style of therapy provides the right balance of wit, metaphor, and depth. Her training in somatics and bodywork makes her best suited to work with those comfortable turning toward the body for a sense of knowing. Jordana’s lived experiences as a mother, partner, artist, and caregiver (just to name a few) make her well-adaptable to accompany clients through many of life’s ups and downs. Jordana is not afraid to challenge perspectives and narratives in the service of her client’s goals and growth. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their therapist!
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    Suzanna Moir PGCE CMT

    Bodyworker and Pianist

    I have had several sessions with Jordana over the years and she has really helped me understand and transform some parts of my life that weren’t working quite so well. I have found her to be wise, insightful and empathetic and she has a inspiring and creative way of helping you to understand truths so that you really get them. She is also genuinely very kind so you never feel judged. I would definitely recommend her. I think she is a rare gem and I have learnt so much from her.

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    Smo Sienkiewiecz

    Poet and Artist

    Hypnotherapy sessions with Jordana have helped me largely understanding myself and deciding who I want to be. It's been an enlightening and empowering experience that brought me further on the journey of integrating scattered pieces of myself into a whole. I would recommend it to anybody who is ready to face themselves and take a leap of faith into the shadows, to find radical self acceptance and self love.

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    Louissa Akila

    Music Producer and Sound Engineer

    I feel so grateful for getting to know Jordana. She helped me to get my energy back with her training. She made me aware of what's been bothering me this whole time and she teaches me how to deal with my thoughts and my anxiety. I feel much better after the training. Her ability to feel me was so wonderful. Thank you so much, Jordana, I feel inspired!

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    Georgia Grey

    Explorer and Dancer

    I had an extremely positive experience with Jordana. She created an incredibly warm, welcoming and safe atmosphere where I felt listened to and understood, which set the stage for exploring some very helpful insights into my life and the difficulties I've been facing recently. I'm already experiencing a lot of positive changes in my life and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking some guidance.

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    Beth Ellison

    Therapist and Dog Rescuer

    Therapists can be the hardest clients. We need therapists who are more skilled than us, because by the time we go to a therapist, we have already tried to therapize ourselves like we were our own client. Even with all this knowledge, sometimes we feel stuck and don't know where to start.

    I shared a painful situation with Jordana where I already knew what the “listicles” and Psychology Today articles would tell me, because they’re designed for laypeople, not a seasoned therapist like myself. Also, I didn’t want to hear anything about yoga, Louise Hay, turmeric, essential oils, or any circle of life/spiritual/wholistic practice culturally appropriated and watered-down by white women for fun and profit. She must have sensed this, because her suggestions were of the nuts-and-bolts practical variety.

    She asked questions I hadn’t thought to ask myself. She shared options based on my answers and on what she has observed to be helpful in situations similar to mine. She used story as a way to connect situations and instill hope. Finally, she honored my experience and how difficult it was. I was able to choose a low-stakes activity that got me unstuck, and she has continued to encourage and cheerlead with every baby step I have taken. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

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    Yael Sherill

    Designer and Curator

    I've had two sessions with Jordana. One time dealing with sleeping disorders and the other anxiety. The sessions were a sort of very powerful guided meditation (hypnotherapy) in which you are in full control but you formulate new patterns of thinking which you can go back to through corporal memory after the session. For me, as an absolutely non-new-age person, this method was extremely effective and surprising. I highly recommend.

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    Antonio Cardenas

    Music Producer and Artistic Manager

    I can only express gratitude towards such a beautiful soul and highly recommend seeing Jordana at least once in your life. Don't be scared of what she'll see, she will guide you through your healing process.

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    Nathalie Nwinn

    Caterer and Financier

    Jordana at Xin Healing Arts had a calming way of helping me find clarity during a hard time in my life. Her voice and aura is soothing. We met by fate and I'm thankful she could let me experience her gift.

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    Kestley Shannon

    Counselor and Psychology Grad Student


    (Client was torn between staying home and fulfilling social expectations, and moving to a foreign country and making herself happy)

    I bought a ticket to Mexico! Our session really brought me the clarity to feel confident in making that decision! Thank you!

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    Fred Day

    Bodyworker and Philosopher

    Receiving treatments from Jordana have been like no other. It's like, finally after circling around the city hoping to experience a massage where i left feeling truly touched, i landed in the perfect hands! Both times. Jordana has an incredible touch. So much presence. So much flow. You can tell something from beyond - intuition - is guiding every move. She has mastered the perfect balance of secure, assuring firmness, and delicate softness. She holds space and listens amazingly, in a way that lets you open up and let go so effortlessly and willingly. I can't thank her enough! 🙏💕

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    Zoe Kosovic-Rios CMT

    Yoga Teacher and Witch

    Jordana truly approaches bodywork with the spirit of an artist. In my experience, receiving from Jordana feels like being a canvas and, with her trustworthy hands, she skillfully applies the tools of massage and energy work, informed by intuition, keen observation, and a strong clinically-based background. As an artist, she sees not only the blank canvas or the lump of clay, but the potential of the finished piece. After my sessions with Jordana, I’ve felt seen, honored, and restored to a state of well-being that was beyond my own imagining.

    Each session with Jordana is unique as she taps into what is helpful both generally and specifically — she operates in the very moment she senses something arising, whether it’s an emotion, a guarded muscle movement, or the potential for a softening or release of an unhelpful pattern.

    Ultimately, Jordana’s bodywork feels really great and she’s a treat to work with— insightful, funny, easy to talk to, and full of knowledge and nuggets of wisdom that add value to her work beyond the treatment table.

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    Eero Olli PhD

    Negotiator and Philosopher

    Jordana is an amazing bodyworker. Combining many different techniques she finds the keys that unlock your body and soul allowing for change to happen. Despite her extensive training and experience, there is never a feeling of that she is going through a list of moves. She is extremely present and meets you on several different levels, exactly where you need her.

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    Susan Langan

    Professor and DJ

    I cannot express how relieved, excited, and grateful I am to have discovered Jordana. Her training suggests that she is a master bodyworker, but once you've been in her hands, you can truly understand. Her understanding of the body as more than just a sack of bones and tissues is remarkable, and she attunes to your needs skillfully to provide a type of support rarely found. Thank you, Jordana. We're all fortunate to have you!

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    Susie Draper

    Massage Therapist and Ayurveda Practitioner

    I have had a couple of treatments with Jordana now, and both times I have felt positively beaming after. As Jordana ask’s about what you would like from your session, all her attention is on you. I can feel her presence in this moment and willingness to help and nurture in any way she can. The massage itself you never want to end. Taking you into different avenues and pathways of discovery. It is obvious she has studied many different holistic subjects and has lots of experience. I am a practitioner myself and have experienced many different styles and types of massage, but it’s rare to get the satisfaction of a physical muscle/tension release whilst having a moving, spiritual experience as well. I highly recommend.

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    Cori Coccia CMT

    Wilderness Guide and Feminine Empowerer

    At San Francisco School of Massage, Jordana and I went to school with a few dozen other students. Of all those graduates, I most frequently chose to seek out Jordana for bodywork sessions long after we finished school. She works with people like a dancer would - true to form. Not only is she aware of the body's structure but also how it moves in space, and with those things together sessions with her helped my find more freedom in body. With a perfect blend of knowledge and intuition, Jordana's healing touch is powerful and effective.