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Paciencia —


Juan d'Arienzo, Francisco Gorrindo, 1937.


Translation Jordana del Feld

Last night I saw you once again;

Last night I had you by my side once again.

But there was no more “once again” when you and I saw

That you and I were strangers and the past is what we saw!

You're not the same. I'm not the same.

I'll tell you what I saw:

You and I cannot once again be the same.


That's how life goes.

Our selves longed to merge

But our selves keep us apart.

Why pretend?


That's how life goes.

The fault lies not in our selves, if there even is a fault.

That's why I gave you my hand in silence

And didn't tremble when I took it away.

We'll just say everything was a dream

And it was a lie to have searched for it

Like that, thank goodness, we can console ourselves

We'll go on believing we haven't changed.

I've memorized a portrait of those twenty years

When you were my everyday sunshine.

I want you to always be my beautiful sunshine

Last night nothing happened. It was only a dream.

Paciencia.  Hector Palacios.