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Cascabelito —
Little Jingle Bell


José Bohr, Juan Andrés Caruso, 1924

Little Jingle Bell

Translation Jordana del Feld

We come together at our rendezvous

full of gay mad joy

Me and that mysterious little masked thing

from that gay mad Carnival.

Where are you, Little Jingle Bell?

Spritely little masked thing,

so fetching and so flirty

with your twinkly little laugh.

Oh Bell, Little Jingle Bell,

laugh, laugh and never cry

for your soft young laugh

wafts the perfume of your love.

Oh Bell, Little Jingle Bell,

laugh, laugh and never fret

for even though I can't be with you

I've got you right here in my heart.

Mysterious little masked thing,

you gripped my soul in suspense

you offered me for my reward

your pink-petalled mouth.

And when we have to say good-bye

full of spellbound sweet delight,

the deafening whisper of our kiss

silences your little jingle bell.

Cascabelito.  Osvaldo Pugliese y Jorge Maciel.

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