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Lo Pasao Pasó —
The Past Is Past

Lo Pasao Pasó

Miguel Bucino

The Past Is Past

Translation Jordana del Feld

The past is past

The torture is past

Meaningless is my past

Empty dead shells are past

Forgotten in your embrace of now.

The past is past

For I get in my heart of now

Faded ashes of memories past

Among the shadows of the past

The lovebeams of your sun of now.

Now I live in your love

Craving your love

You are the quiet heart of my love

And against your heart I cradle my love.

I had forgotten

To find the faith I had forgotten

And I'll find your kiss of love

When you find the past is forgotten.

Everything is wonderful now

Skies are blue now

Thanks to your love

My craving cradles in your kisses of now

Now my love leaves the past forgotten.

The past is past

Come now

We'll live new now

My love lives in your love

And if I lose you, my heart will gush blood.

Lo Pasao Pasó.  Francisco Canaro y Famá.