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Canción Desesperada —
Song of Despair

Canción Desesperada

Enrique Santos Discépolo, 1945.

Song of Despair

Translation Jordana del Feld


am a song of despair!

A crazed leaf drowning in the storm!

For your love, my unmoored faith

annihilated itself, destroying my heart.


lost myself inside myself

blind and crying for a dream...


am a demand that won't die

that screams of grief and betrayal!


did they teach me to love

if all it does is heartlessly throw me overboard

into the dreams of the sea

If love is an old enemy

and hurls punishments at us

and teaches us to cry...

I ask


Yes! Why did they teach me to love

if loving you just kills my love?

Cruel mocking taunts, to give all for nothing

and at the end of goodbye, to abandon all hope

and then to cry....


was God when you went away?


was the sun when you wouldn't come?


can it be that a woman never understands

that a man gives it all, when he gives his love?


makes them believe in other destinies?


destroys the dream?


am a song of despair

that screams of grief and betrayal!

Canción Desesperada.  Francisco Canaro y Nelly Omar.

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