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Milonga Sentimental —
Milonga from my Heart

Milonga Sentimental

Sebastián Piana, Homero Manzi, 1931.

Milonga from My Heart

Translation Jordana del Feld

Milonga to remember you by

Milonga from my heart.

Others cry their eyes out

I sing my cries instead.

Your love dried up all at once

and you never told me why.

I cheered myself up

thinking it was typical womanly treason.

I'm a real man, for loving you deeply

I'm a real man, for wishing you well

I'm a real man, for forgetting our fights

because I've already forgiven you.

Maybe you'll never even know

maybe you'll never even believe

maybe you'll just laugh

when you see me prostrate myself at your feet!

It's easy to stab and slash

to revenge betrayal

It's easy to let passion's fate

fall to a playful dagger.

It's not so easy to sever

the tentacles of the great Kraken of love,

when they're buried all the way up to the hilt

deep in your heart.

Milonga that shows me you're gone

Milonga that shows me your ghost

Milonga that no one's ever going to sing under your balcony.

Milonga that makes you come by night

Milonga that makes you leave by day.

Milonga that might just tell you yes...

Milonga that screams to you, “fuck no.”

Milonga Sentimental.  Carlos Gardel.