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Where the Sky Ends

In The Truman Show one day Truman comes to the edge of his world and discovers that the sky is actually a big domed wall.

Everyone told me tango is infinite. But one day I came to the end of infinity.

Tango is the infinite everything that can be experienced and expressed as a couple. But...there's a whole world of infinity beyond that:  everything that can't be experienced and expressed as part of a couple.

I spent the last few months drawing my focus into myself, and when I came back out, my need to share and express myself and commune with the world was greater than ever.  Sadly tango, the dance for two, gave me no opportunity to share.  I valued my meditative solitary practice, but I was put here on this earth to share, and, because my embrace is personal, private, and from my soul, it is not for just anyone.  My embrace is the art of my life, the art of love, and the art of my heart.  And these days...I had no one to dance with.  And there was literally no one around my heart deemed worthy of its embrace, and so suddenly, as a dancer, my voice was mute.  I whispered unheard grammar exercises, when I had once jammed at all-night poetry slams.  What is an unlistened voice?  What is an unseen performance?  What is an unshared embrace?

I craved performing, too, I longed to perform, I dreamt of it like a cat dreams of a plump pigeon on the other side of the window.  I'll do a little of it.  But there's no one around with whom I could build a serious professional dance partnership.  So I had to switch genres.

I yearned to teach.  It was in my ancestral blood and in my stars and, most of all, it was in me.  And the tango community remained persistently closed to that side of me, so I took that side of me elsewhere.

In the meantime, my ever-deepening internal focus saw that I as a solo artist had an infinite range of creative expression I needed to share with the world and could only do on my own.

They say it takes two to tango. I say, its infinity is its limitation.

So I paint.

I studied the ocean in a drop of water, and it was wonderful. But now it's time to swim in the whole ocean.

My son wants to be an astronaut. To go beyond where the sky ends and experience infinity for himself.

I want to be an astronaut too.