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I'm extremely keen on spirals lately in my practice.  One day I was enrosque-ing and noticed a spiral stretching and pulling until my foot had to come in.  Then I was fake-enrosque-ing and noticed how the spiral builds up force that pulls and (gently) whips the other leg around, segue-ing all its energy into the forward step.  Then I was doing forward ochos and noticed that they felt, not like 8s, but like 16s.  There were 2 8s going on, the bottom one a result of the top.  I felt like a tai chi ball of energy was floating back and forth making the top 8 and the bottom 8 was passively pulled along by the converting energy of the top.  Elegantly opposing.

The spiral is a long, broad expanse of movement that gets progressively tighter, faster, and sharper as it comes to the apex of its trajectory, and the continuing forward step is an inevitable outcome of what happens when the energy has achieved critical mass of being tightly wound.  It feels like a boleo.

In fact it feels like a shell.  See that handy visual reference of the spiral?  Eso.  But follow the path like a Moebius strip, neverending.

Moebius ochos are effortless, fun, and meditative.  When you get them right.  I can't think of a better thing to do all day long.  When get them right.

Before the tango bug buried itself in my brain I studied violin at the conservatory here.  And the bow was always meant to do exactly this kind of Moebius ocho, with the arm's tai chi ball ocho pulling along the (elegantly opposing passive) ocho of the bow.  No one told me this but that's how you do it, and I had forgotten I knew that.

It's like Shakespeare sonnets too.  He builds up that broad arc of energy, setting you up, and actually he's pulling you tighter and tighter into the centre of the gyre, and once you're there, zing!  He uses all that built-up momentum to sharply throw you in the completely different direction he meant all along.

In fact all kinds of energy follow a spiral path.  Social interactions totally do.  You get closer and closer and closer to someone, eventually you need a little palate-cleansing break from them, otherwise you get oversaturated.  Even personal histories follow spirals.  We build up sufficient quantities of one kind of energy, eventually they cycle into a new kind.  If you're having a sucky cycle, this too shall pass.  If you're having a great one, eat, drink, and be merry.