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I've been thinking about "rhythm."  That's a shorthand word I use to sometimes mean "the cycle of building up and releasing energy.". Humans just love rhythm.  Maybe better than anything else.  All of our favourite sensations are rhythm-based.  We don't consciously think, "oh how nice, I'm perceiving order, which allows for variation, and I find that relaxing."  No.  Our cerebellums respond to rhythm on an atavistic level.  Gentle, insistent, sussurating—rhythm pulses through us in our blood.

Being alive is embodying rhythm.  Moebius ochos mimic our heartbeats.   The part of the beat we feel is the pivot, the transition between storing and releasing energy. The walk is the same.

Our breath is an oscillating cadence that's especially easy to sense.  It's not "I'm inhaling.  Now I'm exhaling."  Rather it's a constant cycle that keeps us in dynamic balance.  Like everything about tango.

Human interactions of all kinds are also rhythmic cycles.  We interact in waves of closer together and farther apart.  Tiny waves in a single conversation, a single day, a single week.  And just like real waves, these tiny waves make up big waves.  Patterns that slowly build up personal histories and only become evident over time.  And just like the real ocean, these big waves are all part of the really big wave. The current.  Things are going to evolve how they are going to evolve. The current is going to take us counterclockwise around the dance floor.  What's fascinating is what we do along the way.  The straight step that turns out to be that pivot and not any other.

Everything that lives under the sun lives with rhythm.  Everything that happens happens with rhythm.  Go with that, and we'll be ok.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven.". (Ecclesiastes III-1, King James Bible)