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Everything I Need to Know About Dance I Learned from an Erection

If I were a man I might have learned the Tao of Strength sooner. Strength is not effort, or causing things to happen. Strength is not understanding the hows and whys of things, forcing, clenching, straining, or choosing. The most masculine thing in the whole world is a pure product of the anima, and doesn't require a single muscle, equation, or power tool.

So what is “strength”?

Strength is an open energy conduit. Strength is naturally aligned and aligned with nature. Strength is the opposite of contracting muscles. Strength is relaxed...and the more relaxed you are, the stronger you are. Strength is opening your private primal self, yielding, and allowing life to take its course. Strength is giving yourself to the force flowing freely through you. Strength is being in the moment, responding to the moment, and connecting to the rest of the world. Strength is desiring, hoping, yearning. Strength is full of potential energy. Strength is subconscious, but the more consciously aware of it you are, the better it feels. Strength is sometimes inconvenient and always undeniable. Strength is creative, not destructive.  Strength is affirmative.  Strength, when real, is about love, and the realer it is, the more it's about love.
And most important: Strength should be shared for best results!