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    “Peace is our original state.” —Lao Tzu

    I am a lover of life and an experimenter in the laboratory of the universe. I'm on a mission to heal human beings by helping them connect with themselves and grow. Tango clarifies our energetic focus into a lens through which we see life with truth. It is also meditative form of communal bonding and a healing power for society as well as the individual.


    I am on a journey of growth and exploration, and have shared that journey with many maestros in Buenos Aires, the US, and Moscow. Some of my most influential teachers have been Sebastián Arce, Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez, Samantha Dispari and Santiago Fina, Albano Goldenberg, Liz and Yannick Vannhove, Jorge Torres and María Blanco, and Eugenia Parrilla and Yanick Wyler.


    I believe in cross-training, and learn about my embodied self through yoga, Gyrotonics, the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, pranayama, and every other somatic game in town. I love playing with other dances, from swing to flamenco to Haitian snake dances, and have a background in karate and jiu-jitsu. I am a CA-licensed bodyworker, Reiki Master, and massage therapist. I am also a classically trained fine artist and musician.

  • Teaching

    "Dance is the hidden language of the soul." —Martha Graham

    Before you embrace others, you must first embrace yourself. I teach tango from an exploratory viewpoint of self-discovery. I value play, somatic awakening, and energetic grounding and focus. I believe that good technique is an ongoing journey of finding sustainable ease and comfort in your own body and life.


    I am available for group classes and private lessons. I travel and am based in the Bay Area. I am currently on tour and have taught tango and biomechanics in Italy and France. I have also taught the University of Washington Tango Club.

  • DJ

    Let's make beautiful music together.

    Please message me to dj your next milonga.

    I love dj'ing milongas and private events. Designing an evening of music is like crafting a delicious menu that takes dancers on a journey of seduction, discovery, and ultimate satiety.


    Some of my favourite artists are Nelly Omar, Roberto Grela, Hugo Díaz, Lidia Borda, Miguel Caló, Lucio Demare, and, of course, Carlos Gardel.

  • Bodywork

    Mens sana in corpore sano

    I am a CA-certified biomechanist, ergonomist, bodyworker, and Reiki Master.

    I also teach classes for dancers on how to avoid and manage pain and stress, and how to live and dance with ease in our unique bodies.

    I have a deep somatic and energetic understanding of bodies and how we live and move in them. My bottom line is listening: I listen to bodies and to people, I am present for them where they are in their lives, and we work together toward optimal health and ease in body, spirit, and mind. I have spent years studying all kinds of bodywork practices, from the ancient (Nuad Boran Thai massage, Qi Gong, and Karate) to the brand new (Zero Balancing, Ortho-Bionomy, and Gyrokinesis). As a dancer myself I also have in-depth personal experience with addressing injury, pain, and physical stress patterns in dancing bodies. I bring the fruits of every bodywork master class I ever took, every yoga mat I ever sat on, and every physical therapy exercise I ever learned into my practice and share this with my clientele, through workshops, group classes, and private bodywork sessions. Please contact me for more information.


    Here are some of the modalities that inform my work. After thousands of hours of training, I am certified in many of them and have also taught many of them individually. I prefer to let the situation and the clientele indicate what tool is right for that particular moment, and work with whatever mix is best suited. Please click on each modality to learn more about them and how they can help you live your best life.


    Structural Integration . Ortho-Bionomy . Reiki . Gyrokinesis . Feldenkrais.

    Alexander Technique . The Morales Method . The Reembody Method . Nuad Boran Thai Bodywork.

    Zero Balancing . Cranial-Sacral Therapy . Qi Gong (Spring Forest and Qi Dragon styles).

    Body-Mind Centering . Shiatsu . Tai Chi . Swedish Massage . Myofascial Release.

    Trigger Point Therapy . Deep Tissue massage . Yoga (Vinyasa, Pranayama, Yin, Ashtanga, and Yoga Nidra).

    PNF and MET Therapy . Sports Massage . Reflexology . Lymphatic Massage.

    Pre-natal massage . Oyama Karate . Eizan-Ryu Jiujitsu.

  • Calendar

    December 2017

    December 7 - January 18 San Francisco, CA

    Gyrotonic teacher training



    November 30 - December 3 Portland, OR

    Reembody practitioner training with Kevin Moore

    Chicago, IL

    Teaching writer's workshop with Katya Lysander

    November 16 - 20 Madison, WI

    November 18 Milonga

    Teaching and performing with Joe Yang

    San Francisco, CA

    Teaching The Art of Touch with Frank Lopez

    Teaching workshop with Joni Roco

    Berkeley, CA

    Teaching workshop with Andi Kotrozo



    Rochester, NY

    Teaching workshop with Tara Sullivan

    October 9 - 16 London, England

    October 16 teaching at Queer Tango London



    September 22-October 5 Berlin, Germany

    September 19-22 Wien, Austria

    September 18 Verona, Italy

    September 15-18 Firenze, Italy

    September 11-13 Horacio Godoy and Cecilia Berra in Torino, Italy

    Bodywork sessions available

    September 9 - 10 Valle d'Aosta, Italy

    Teaching The Body Has a Mind of Its Own: Part 2

    September 3 - 8 Lausanne, Switzerland

    Bodywork sessions available

    September 1 - 2 Mont Blanc - Valle d'Aosta, Italy

    Teaching The Body Has a Mind of Its Own: Self-care for dancers workshop



    August 30 - 31 Lyon, France

    August 27 - 30 Toulouse, France

    Bodywork sessions available

    August 20 - 27 Tarbes Tango Festival, France

    Traductrice pour Sylvie Dugachard - Atelier Corporel

    Bodywork sessions available

    August 16 - 19 Workshop with Sofia Saborido and Pablo Inza, Nice, France

    Bodywork sessions available

    August 9 - 16 Catania Tango Festival, Sicily

    Teaching Foot and self-care class, bodywork sessions available

    July 23 - August 9 Rome, Italy



    July 12 - 16 Ostuni Tango Festival, Italy

    Teaching Foot and self-care class, bodywork sessions available

    June 30 - July 9 Chicago Tango Week and Chicago, IL

    Teaching Foot and self-care class, bodywork sessions available



    June 19 - 25 Los Angeles, CA

    June 22 Milonga el Abrojito

    Teaching and performing with Rafael Galante

    June 17 - 18 Pacifica, CA


    June 12 - 16 Santa Cruz, CA

    Teaching and performing with Glen Royce

    June 10 CMC Mission Milonga, San Francisco, CA

    June 7 Sausalito, CA

    Teaching and performing with Glen Royce

    June 3 - 11 San Francisco, CA


  • Online Sessions

    Biomechanics, dance, ergonomics, structural integration, and gait analysis private sessions...online!

    Regardless of what country anyone is in at a given moment, we can work with your body situations via Skype and Google Duo video conferencing. I visually assess your issues in question and offer exercises, games, stretches, and self-care suggestions to give you control over your own life and freedom to take care of your own body and bring yourself your own ease and comfort. 50€ for 40 minutes, PayPal and Google Wallet accepted.

  • Videos

    With Manuele Marconi


    Canyengue with Rafael Galante

    Los Angeles

    With Glen Royce

    Santa Cruz

    With Glen Royce


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    Interview with Joe Yang


  • Chronicles

    Essays into the unknown.

  • Let's Dance

    How can I help you explore tango in your life and your life in tango?

    I look forward to connecting with you.

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