• Integral Psychotherapy

    I'm accepting new psychotherapy telehealth clients through the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy.

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    Claim yesterday with compassion.

    Craft today with clarity.

    Create tomorrow with confidence.


    In a life of conflict, we crave peace. In a world of alienation, we yearn for love. And in an era of disconnect, we long for understanding.


    So let's make that happen.


    If you are an adult, couple, or kid who feels alone, misunderstood, angry, or afraid, I’m here to empower you to choose your own adventure. I bring supportive whole-human enquiry to our relationship, helping you reconnect with the courage of your heart, the curiosity of your mind, the wisdom of your body, and the expansiveness of your soul.


    Together we create an unconditionally safe space for you to explore your grounding and your freedom, through empathetic conversation, through mindful creativity, and through embodied meditation.


    We discover your journey together. We are curious and compassionate about your process. And we are present for your challenges and for your joys.  


    Please reach out.

    AMFT/APCC Registration Applicant

    Supervised by Svetlana Kreimer MFT#53525

  • What Are You Going Through Right Now?

    Common Issues I Deal With

    Agency, anger, anxiety, assertiveness, boundaries, breakups, career counseling, coming of age, communication, confusion, conscious intimacy, creativity, depression, divorce, emotional management, fear, frustration, gifted children, grief, highly sensitive people, infidelity, intergenerational trauma, intimate relationships, life transitions, loss, midlife crises, narcissism, nonviolent communication, overwhelm, people pleasing, personal responsibility, sensuality and sexuality, and spirituality.

    Common Questions My Clients Process

    "How do I manage this emotion before the emotion manages me?"
    "How do I get this person to really hear what I'm feeling?"
    "What is within my control in this situation?"
    "Whose responsibility is it?"
    "How do I find balance in an unbalanced world?"
    "Is there a less exhausting way to love and be loved?"
    "How do I move on to better days?"
  • How Do We Deal with All That?

    How I Work

    I help you develop the tools you want to develop, so that you feel calm, resourced, and free to live the life you want to live, the way you want to live it. For me, success looks like clients who feel at peace with themselves and the world, who feel supported, who feel strong and safe when expressing their voices, and who feel empowered to choose their own adventures. I pride myself on meeting clients where they are, learning and validating how it is to live in their world, and respecting and protecting their goals. I compassionately hold people in the fullness of where they are now, open a safe space to appreciate their pasts when appropriate, and patiently and consistently join them in their quests to move forward into the futures that feel right for them.

    Tools I Use

    I put the therapeutic relationship at the centre of all my work. That said, many modalities and philosophies inform how I show up for you. I match my tools to my clients' needs.


    If you already know you want to work in a specific way, please let me know! The most powerful work is the work that reaches you how you want to be reached and holds you the way you want to be held.


    Here are some words that describe approaches I draw on regularly. I am happy to discuss them with you.

    Dance therapy, DBT, EFT, client-led, ecotherapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, expressive arts therapy, Gestalt, heart-centred, humanist, IFS, integrative therapy, Jungian, Kaizen, MBCT, mindfulness, movement therapy, multicultural orientation, NLP, nonviolent communication, play therapy, psychodynamic, Reiki, relational therapy, shadow work, solution-focussed, somatic therapy, tarot, transpersonal therapy, Zen.