• So There Was This Guy....


    Where the Bedroom Is the Classroom


    Interviews about healing, growth, and learning, all sparked by the phrase,

    "so there was this guy" (or girl).


    Do you have a story you want to share? Send me a message and I'll have you on the show!

    Take a look and enjoy!


    with Iranian-American spoken-word artist Allia Sadeghipour

    Dare to discover an odyssey of personal evolution.

    with Austrian writer Sophie-Marie Gruber

    Learn what you need. Level up as you grow.

    with the English Rose

    Open communication and vulnerability create healthy relationships.

    with Polish artist Smo Sienkiewicsz

    The dark heart of a wound is where the light emerges.

    with San Francisco bodyworker Kelly Grabianowski

    Embrace the simplicity of healthy presence.

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