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    The instinct to connect makes us human.  Magnetic Ghosts: Human Stories from Around the World is my collection of travel essays from Europe and the United States, that shares the universal odyssey of the journey home to the human heart.


    #Berlinunfotografiert: Urban Haiku from the City that Tore Down the Wall is a cosmopolite bijou of prose haiku about the city that seduced my heart. After completing a book of photography from countries all over the world, the moments that spoke to me in Berlin were the moments no photograph could capture. The poetry between the moments, the images in my mind. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the right word is also worth a thousand pictures. Here are my loveletter wordportraits.


    Treat yourself to the gift of well-considered prose, warm-hearted laughs, and sharp observations on life. Chronicles of the Unseen, The Book, is available on Amazon and looks great with every outfit.

    Click on the link to take it home with you in satisfyingly analog paperback form.


    (Amazon review for Chronicles of the Unseen: "A delightful, delightful read, with turns of phrase that fizz on the tongue. These stories are as profound or as picaresque as you want them to be, but always full of truth. Get this book and devour it all at once, but get two, because you'll want to pass one along, and then keep the other to return to every so-often and inevitably find something new. You'll love this if you liked Coelho's The Alchemist but found it to be kind of full of itself. The author here is entirely aware of the absurd non-linearity of the human condition, and can laugh at it and love it in the same breath.")



    Only Connect: Moments of Humanity from Around the World, is the coffee table book of touching yet sophisticated photography you always wished existed. Well, now it does.

    Renew your faith in humanity and take home your copy today.


    (Amazon review for Only Connect: "Fantastic candid 'street photography,' like something by Cartier-Bresson. Great glimpses of life and love around the world.")


    The Saltwater Yoga Pictures were the darling of a section of the New York art scene for a spell. My saltwatercolour asanas, I wanted the act of painting them to be energetic yoga in itself.


    Thirty-Four Names for Love: Three Monographs is a collection of three series of mixed-media paintings I did about the different ways we connect and love in this world. It combines The Mirror Neurons Series, about dance teachers of mine who had healthy relationships worth emulating; The Love Series, about how we show and share love, and Musicians on Paper Bags, a jazz riff on making immediate, roll-up-your-sleeves, share-the-message-now art.

    Life is short. Make it count.


    It Takes Two: Tango Dancers I Have Known and Been was a slow baby, requiring a six-year gestation with lots of breaks. There was so much of my heart and my life in it, I couldn't rush the process.

    Welcome to what used to be my world. Freehand India ink portraits, mini-stories, and philosophical asides, of a life in tango.


    The Wandering Gypsy's Sketchbook

    is coming soon!


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    December 7, 2017
    “Just look at how far you’ve come,” Jorge Torres said to me, impressing each syllable into my heart as one would the words, “look after my baby when I’m gone.” He said those words with his whole being. He needed me to do this. He spoke as a man can only speak after he has already lived a heap...
    <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> Photo credit: Poseidon hanging out at the Trevi Fountain. Shutterstock There comes a time in every philosopher’s life when they realize that if they're going to insist on making surfing metaphors, they had better get up on a...
    Names changed to protect the humans I was having a mixed time down in Santa Cruz. I felt, as I always do on the California Coast, that this was God’s country. The glittering aquamarine sea embraced the land with bracing authority, softening its grasp with whispered wisps of fog that rolled off...
    I just spent a delightful weekend with an old friend, his ex, and her son, at their charming home, where I gave a workshop. I had no idea how that potentially fraught soap opera would play out, but to my amazement, everybody got along great with everybody and I believe a good time was had by all....
    Often the most important things we need to share are so obvious we aren't even aware of them. We take the foundations we stand on so profoundly for granted, we don't even know they're there. Until we bump up against the truth that someone else is standing on a different foundation, and that...
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