• Corona Special!

    Freaking out? I have so got your back, man.

    Enjoy my games here, and stay healthy!

    Craving human touch during isolation? Try this in the meantime.

    Added bonus: when you actually *do* get to touch a human being in the future,

    the experience will blow your mind.

    Quarantine got you feeling b----y? Try this.

    Feel a temper tantrum coming on? This game can help.

    Now is a great time to touch yourself!

    Here's how

    Don't let fear turn you into a....

    Every step you take impacts the world

    In Uncertain Times™, here's how to walk with your true guide

    There's one person you can always count on to definitely have the exact answer you need

    Calm a temper tantrum fast

    About to 100% totally fricking flip TF out? Do this

    6 impossible things before breakfast

    Taking a moment to appreciate six good things every day rewires your brain for happiness

    Stop touching your face

    A hypnosis audio I did to help you

  • Heretical Entrepreneur Videos

    You think the world can handle your bold ideas?

    Goodbye "Mindset." Hello "Mindflow."

    Transform your business by redefining one word.

    Gettin' Bizzy

    Your busyness is destroying your business. Here's how to solve that.

    Stop Playing "Pin the Tail on the Niche"

    Stop playing "Pin the Tail on the Niche" and allow your niche to reveal what itself truly is over time.

    There's always another way

    How to stop getting seduced by disaster and see your way to different solutions

    The stuffed animal one

    The world needs the joy your big dreams can bring it. It's on you to make those dreams reality.

    Create your reality

    Reality is your own construction. What are you going to create?

    Go around the rock

    Stop stubbing your toe on your challenges. Here's how to zoom back and see your way forward on your journey.

    Wild Time

    There's a place where you have all the time in the world. What can you create there to share with the rest of us?

    Souk Marketing

    Honest marketing is a real, earthy, seductive, human, fascinating, alluring, true experience.

    How can you bring that to your business?

    That Guy

    Denial isn't the way forward. Try a different way.

    The Story of Ali

    Authentic business growth evolves through time, experimentation, and personal first-hand learning.

  • Articles

    Crunch all you want. I'll make more.

    Kind Over Matter

    Reality makes you and you make reality

    Elephant Journal Editor's Pick

    We all say we want to change.

    But what happens when we get stuck trying to get to the starting gate?

    Ten Intros That Made Me Swipe Left (And Ten That Would Make Me Swipe Right)

    Elephant Journal

    Say a hello that works in your favour

    What Are You Going to Put in Your Magic Bowl?​

    Elephant Journal

    Stop externally “manifesting” and start asking practical internal questions that move you forward

    Bad Witch

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, Polyamorous Berlin,

    and the Quest for Human/e Awareness

    The Alchemy of Mindfulness

    Elephant Journal

    “Let it go” is not an invitation to passivity. It is a call to arms.

    Elephant Journal

    Create your own thriving relationship with money by creating a growth-oriented money story

    Elephant Journal

    Your ideal body is the one you have right now.

    Elephant Journal

    How to cope with a tough diagnosis using somatic meditation

  • Free Meditation Guides

    We have the power to live our best lives.

    Here's a few of my mediation guides. Take them, use them, make them your own.

    Breath Meditation — In, Out, Deep, Slow

    One you'll want to do every day.

    Big Sky Ears

    Perspective is everything.

    Ocean Meditation

    Change your viewpoint to change your life.

    One Yes at a Time

    Hear your Yes and act on it, one step at a time.

    Sleep Tips

    We're only as good as last night.

    Yes You Can Change That Habit

    Here's some help handling the rewarding challenge of changing ingrained habits.

    Clearing Old Beliefs

    Floss out old mental models that keep you small, and allow yourself to grow into your best you!

    Hypnotic induction to finally get over that guy / girl

    Speed up your emotional healing process and get back to feeling like yourself again!

    Mini Hypnotic Induction

    Just dip a little toe into the waters of hypnosis and find out for yourself what you think of it!

    Hypnotic Induction — Four Simple Secrets to Attain Your Ideal Weight

    Play the game. Enjoy the game. Make the game your own.

    Hypnotic Induction to Stop Nighttime Snacking

    Free yourself of a snacking habit and gain control over your best life.

  • So There Was This Guy....


    Where the Bedroom Is the Classroom


    Vodcast interviews about healing, growth, and learning, all sparked by the phrase,

    "so there was this guy" (or girl).


    Do you have a story you want to share? Send me a message!


    with Iranian-American spoken-word artist Allia Sadeghipour

    Dare to discover an odyssey of personal evolution.

    with Austrian writer Sophie-Marie Gruber

    Learn what you need. Level up as you grow.

    with the English Rose

    Open communication and vulnerability create healthy relationships.

    with Polish artist Smo Sienkiewicsz

    The dark heart of a wound is where the light emerges.

    with San Francisco bodyworker Kelly Grabianowski

    Embrace the simplicity of healthy presence.

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