• My Art History

    I am like any other Berliner: I come from somewhere else and was drawn here by the vibrant art scene and the hope of a better future.


    I come from a long lineage of artists. As a child I learned from drawing and painting and from watching my mom, grandma, and grandpa paint. As a ragazza I drew Roman ruins and Venetian canals and hung around Florentine museums. In college I worked in a museum. Then I went to design school in Manhattan, where I studied classical figure drawing, classical painting, Beaux-Arts drawing, drafting, architectural and landscape drawing, costume and décor, lettering and calligraphy, and...so on. I got my MFA from NYU and also studied design at Parsons and the New School. I was a professional scenic painter and artist for off-Broadway and for commercial venues. I was a set designer a production designer for little films. I studied more figure drawing and more painting at Atelier Christopher Young. I drew people in the streets in Paris. I moved to San Francisco and hung/sold my work in the San Francisco Women Artists' Gallery and the City Gallery. I kept studying figure drawing at the San Francisco Art Institute, as my grandfather had done fifty years before me. I taught private classes. Then I studied landscape architecture and urban design at the University of Washington.


    And now I am here, sharing my artistic creative voice with the choir of other artists who came to this new Jerusalem to make the world a better place.

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