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    Ask me about upcoming classes:

    The Teacher Inside You

    Milongueras' Circle


    The Language of Touch


    Enjoy dancing with ease, truth, and freedom.


    Feel great sharing what you want to share, how you want to share it, with whom you want to share it.


    I teach tango from a collaborative, beginner-mind perspective, helping students find and embrace their own unique dances.


    I have danced and taught all over the world, and studied with everybody. I believe we learn best when we play, when we explore, and when we trust ourselves as the ultimate authority on what's right for us. And I want you to feel comfortable in your own body, sharing your own artistic voice.

  • Classes

  • DJ

    I love dj'ing milongas and private events. Let me take your dancers on a journey of play, discovery, and seduction.


    You can catch me monthly at North Beach Milonga. For other events, check tangomango.org.


    Some colours I especially love bringing to my musical palette are:

    The chiaroscuro of Osvaldo Pugliese

    The funk of Hugo Díaz
    The soul of Miguel Caló

    The spunk of Nelly Omar
    The blood of Héctor Varela

    The voluptuousness of Aníbal Troilo

    The groove of Roberto Grela

    The rawness of Ada Falcón
    The elegance of Orquesta Solo Tango

    The cleanliness of Juan d'Arienzo

    The sincerity of Enrique Rodriguez

    The inventiveness of Horacio Salgán
    ....and of course, the heart of Carlos Gardel.