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    Create your best life


    Are you a creator, a free-thinker, a dreamer, a doer? Are your demons standing between you and your awesome future?


    Unleash the transformative power within you with creative counselling. Clear up creative blocks, write that symphony, sell that startup, and astonish the world in the way only you can.
    I facilitate my creative counselling clients' unique journeys with creative play, artistic exploration, and collaborative curiosity. There's no prescriptions, because you are the one who holds your answers and your way forward. Together we explore how you can best connect with and actualise them.
    A lifelong interdisciplinary artist, teacher, and counsellor, I have travelled all over the world, investigating how people connect with themselves and with others through the arts. I have spent my life studying, working in, and teaching creative arts. Art makes us human. Counselling makes us whole.
    I am a UK-certified psychotherapist, and am also certified in Ericksonian hypnotherapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, life coaching, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and cognitive behavioural therapy. I am currently working toward my LMFT and LPCC licenses at the California Institute of Integral Studies and my REAT in Expressive Arts Therapy at the Center for Creative Arts Therapy Chicago.
    Let's unleash the creative spirit inside you!

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