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    Currently stuck at the printer:

    Sunday in the Park with Jord — Landwehrkanal im Sommer

    Coming soon:

    The Pirate Queen, The Many Faces of God, Lines of Desire, & The Wandering Gypsy's Sketchbook

    Berlinunfotografiert — The Compendium

    Urban Haiku Snapshots from the City that Tore Down the Wall

    Haiku prose snapshots of the urban emerald that stole my heart.

    The breathtakingly taut prose of Volume 2 and the elegantly revised underlying harmonies of Volume 1, in one irresistible bundle of joy! Perfect for a quick snack on the metro, a nosh in the park, or a bedtime reverie.

    Also available at Curious Fox Books Berlin.

    Berlinunfotografiert 2

    More Urban Haiku from the City that Tore Down the Wall

    My newest collection of haiku prose snapshots of the urban emerald that stole my heart.

    Also available at Motto Books Berlin.


    Urban Haiku from the City that Tore Down the Wall

    A cosmopolite bijou of prose haiku about the city that seduced my heart. After completing a book of photography from countries all over the world, the moments that spoke to me in Berlin were the moments no photograph could capture. The poetry between the moments, the images in my mind. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the right word is also worth a thousand pictures. Here are my loveletter wordportraits.

    Also available at Motto Books Berlin.

    So I Looked into My Coffee Grounds....

    Images from the Bottom of the Glass

    Mermaids, monsters, jewels, and adventure. A meditative enquiry into the archetypes of the subconscience.

    The Sunday Morning Zeichnenkaffeeklatsch


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    Only Connect

    Moments of Humanity from Around the World

    The coffee table book of touching yet sophisticated photography you always wished existed.

    Renew your faith in humanity and take home your copy today.

    Amazon review:

    "Fantastic candid 'street photography,' like something by Cartier-Bresson. Great glimpses of life and love around the world."

    Magnetic Ghosts

    Human Stories from Around the World

    The instinct to connect makes us human. This is my collection of travel essays from Europe and the United States, that shares the universal odyssey of the journey home to the human heart.

    Comunione d'Anime

    Human Stories from Italy

    My love letter to the glories of Italy; warm, rich, alive, and a communion of souls.

    Thirty-four Names for Love

    Three Monographs

    Life is short. Make it count.

    A collection of three series of mixed-media paintings I did about the different ways we connect and love in this world. It combines The Mirror Neurons Series, about dance teachers of mine who had healthy relationships worth emulating; The Love Series, about how we show and share love, and Musicians on Paper Bags, a jazz riff on making immediate, roll-up-your-sleeves, now-art.

    The Saltwater Yoga Pictures

    The darling of a section of the New York art scene for a spell. My saltwatercolour asanas, I wanted the act of painting them to be energetic yoga in itself.

    It Takes Two

    Tango Dancers I Have Known and Been

    Welcome to what used to be my world. Freehand India ink portraits, mini-stories, and philosophical asides, of a life in tango.

    A slow baby, requiring a six-year gestation.

    There was so much of my heart and my life in it.

    Chronicles of the Unseen

    Treat yourself to the gift of well-considered prose, warm-hearted laughs, and sharp observations on life.

    Amazon review:

    "A delightful, delightful read, with turns of phrase that fizz on the tongue. These stories are as profound or as picaresque as you want them to be, but always full of truth. Get this book and devour it all at once, but get two, because you'll want to pass one along, and then keep the other to return to every so-often and inevitably find something new. You'll love this if you liked Coelho's The Alchemist but found it to be kind of full of itself. The author here is entirely aware of the absurd non-linearity of the human condition, and can laugh at it and love it in the same breath."

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    The Knight of Cups is Don Quixote. He dreams the impossible dream, ready and longing to fill his cup with the romance of life. And who’s to say he is wrong? This man is a Pisces, a sweet hoper, far more at home swimming gracefully in the currents of the emotional waters of life than in his...
    “The truth shall set you free.” Nobody has ever gotten this card right, until now.  And that’s part of Judgement: you have to be able to see what’s in front of you, and not blindly swallow what other people tell you is in front of you.  You have to be able to notice what is there.  Which is...
    February 18, 2021 · Tarot
    Hot blood, cool thinking. The Knight of Swords charges ahead with a barbaric yawp, his sword rending the heavens asunder. He’s like a race-car driver, high on adrenaline, making fast decisions in the zone, charging ahead. This card is like the rune Raido, but on steroids. Raido is about...
    February 18, 2021 · Tarot
    Namaste from the Six of Cups! Who were you before you knew anything? This is a sweet card. It’s about accessing and operating-from the part of you that lives underneath all your years of shellacked character-creation. Who are you-just-you, the piece of you that is still there since before you...
    February 17, 2021 · Tarot
    Everything’s coming up Pentacles! Inch by inch, row by row…you gotta stop and contemplate your Pentacles because otherwise they won’t grow. Our hero is pausing in the middle of his gardening, leaning on his magic-wand-hoe, and checking in with the state of his union. This card is about the...
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