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The New Puppy

Meet my new tango maestro, adorable yoga rock star Jason Bowman. Part Labrador puppy, part Buddha. The human embodiment of the baby Ganesha, all rollicking fun and games, innocent mischief, and surprisingly large whollops of profound body-spirit-mind awareness, all doled out in preternaturally keen and accessible teaching insights. Whose energy do you want to borrow today?

Here are a couple tiny samples of puppy wisdom:

Sun Salutations: “It's like you're taking a piss.”

Good for...everything

Engaging the adductors: “It's like you're squeezing your little brother's head between your legs.”

Good for...walking

Contrabody: “It's like you're wringing out a dish rag.”

Good for...diagonal internal connection

Twisting: “You're pulling all the pelvis in to this really solid core, and even pulling back on the opposite hip, and then the spine is growing out of that, feel the sky in the spine, open up the collar-bone, and then feel like you're pushing the back hand against a wall.”

Good for...ochos

The new woman in class (not me): Bound, bound, bound, plop! “Hello! I brought you a present!” (Extends wooden block.) “I'm Jason!” (Extends hand.) Leans. Sends out warm fuzzy energy feelers like little curling fingers and hugs new woman's energetic field all over. Energy tone divided between, I want to hop into your lap and lick your hand and have you scratch my belly, and, if I didn't have to teach this class we'd be halfway through our first beer and then back to my place where I'd be ripping your clothes off with remarkable body awareness. Frisk! Frisk!

Good for...getting cabeceos from all men everywhere

Jason Bowman