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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This — Meditation Class

I dreamed that I was teaching a somatic meditation and connection-with-energetic-self class that was jam-packed with people, shoulder-to-shoulder. I had originally touted it as Tibetan meditation but then it turned into Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and I was like, “wow this is going great, except for that part where I told someone ‘No’ because they were trying to commandeer the class like a German martinet. I need to figure out a less harsh way of maintaining authority. But, wow, all these people! And at 5€ a head, that must add up to a lot of money!” But then as they all left the class I realized I had forgotten to pass the hat around to ask them to pay…which was quite frustrating because I had really given them all the good stuff!


When I woke up I reminded myself to be firm about insisting on people paying me a living wage for services rendered.