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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This — King Dat

Last night I dreamt of myself, saying “and one more thing, remember this too.” There was my old boss Dat, the Vietnamese refugee whose escape boat had been sabotaged by pirates when he was only five, who came to this country and picked strawberries as a small child and then grew into an incredibly well-educated and brilliant designer.

In the dream Dat was a king, looking me in the eye. There was God in his eyes looking out at me. He was handsome and nobly dressed in gold and rich violet, or maybe the violet was in his eyes. Anyway I was looking at God looking at me in his eyes and I was like, “yes, I’m paying attention, what is it,” and God was like, “it’s this,” which is what God usually says. I am like, “I could use a few more words please, God,” and God is as usual like, “it’s this.” Remember this, this too. Dat…landscape design…the struggle to survive…art…winning over hardship…and the look of God…nonverbal…essential truth…what I’m here to share.

The most important parts of our journey are not always verbalizable.