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Siempre Amigos


[Photo credit: Prince Andrei and Natasha from BBC's 2016 *War and Peace*.

When will these women learn.]

Carlos Vicente Geroni Flores y Benjamin Tagle Lara

Adapted into English as Friendzone by Jordana del Feld

Sit down and listen to me

don't let me see you cry

don't think you can make me want you back

don't show me your grief.

So what if you came back

just to see me

in the end we're just friends

having a dandy little chat.

Don't go telling me

that you repent

that you see the error of your idle ways

that you want to win me back.

It's all your fault

you one day

destroyed the love-nest

we swore to protect.

Don't just stand there—tell me

that you've been so busy since

that evening

that you cast me aside like so much trash.

Who knows, maybe you met

a bad crowd

they sent you

seeking crazy adventures.

Don't you remember that evening

you sneaking around all nervous

you sneaking sidelong looks at me

you teaching me

Hiding something from me

and I

your whim-pawn

let you have your way with me.

Don't you remember how great you looked

your cute little suit

your wish was my command

your birthday suit.

Then one ice-cold kiss

telling me, “I'm right here,”

you abandoned me

now here we are together again.

Don't get all sad

lift your head

you're my friend

always will be.

You're always welcome

come over to visit me

we're always friends

just friends period.

You're the one who flew away

don't forget your foolish flights of fancy

don't tell me your life story

don't stay. Get out.


Sentáte y escucha

pero esconde las lagrimas

sabiendo que tu llanto

ya no me va a extrañar.

Y si por verme has vuelto

mas ya que has venido

al fin somos amigos

y es grato conversar.

Pero ni me menciones

que estas arrepentida

y que desengañada

queres reconquistar

Aquel nido de amores

destruido por tu culpa

y que juntos un día

juramos conservar.

Sentate, así me cuentas

que has hecho de tu vida

desde la tarde aquella

en que te echo a perder.

Quien sabe si consejos

de malas compañias,

que locas aventuras

te hicieron entrever.

Te veo aquella tarde

paseandote nervios

mirándome de reojo,

dejando comprender

Que un algo me ocultabas

y yo en silencio siempre,

sujeto a tus caprichos,

tu gusto deje hacer.

Recuerdas que luciste

el trajecito último

que para tu cumpleaños

te había hecho hacer

Y que en un beso frío

diciéndome, ya vengo,

saliste y desde entonces

recien te vuelvo a ver.

Levanta la cabeza

y no te pongas triste,

sabés que sos mi amiga

y siempre lo seras

Y siempre que te acuerdes

vení a visitarme

que somos siempre amigos,

amigos nada más.

Te vas y no me cuentas

que has hecho de tu vida

desde que tus caprichos

te echaron a rodar.

Siempre Amigos. Orquesta Lalo Martel.

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