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I've written this essay one thrillion times by now. It keeps changing.

Realization is like that.

Someone I know recently learned that “love is the realization of the other's freedom.”

I had something to say about that....

I went around and around, picking it apart, describing how I had grown through each one of those words, how I had gone back and minute and digressive multi-page detail.

Today I'll just say: yeah. It's true. But don't let words get in the way.

Love. The beautiful stuff inside and outside. Everything real in the universe.

Realization.  To make real. Also awareness. Together: to make real by awareness.

Other. A separate shoot out of the really big plant, or, every part of the plant that's not self.

Freedom. Power to grow, express, learn, and act. Supportive boundaries that provide focus, inspiration, clarity, and direction.