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Nessun Dorma

No-one Sleeps

Giacomo Puccini (& some disagreement on lyricist)

Translation Jordana del Feld

No-one sleeps. No-one sleeps.


Not even you, o, Princess,


In your cold room, you watch the stars


That tremble with love and with hope.


But my mystery is locked safe within me,


That name that is mine to keep from everyone.


No, when resplendent light illumines the world,


I will kiss my mystery onto your mouth.


And my kiss will open up the silence that makes you mine.




Be gone, o night.


Sink away behind the mountains, stars.


Sink away behind the mountains, stars.


For when the dawn comes...

I shall win.

I shall win.

I shall win.

Nessun dorma!  Nessun dorma!

Tu pure, o Principessa,

nella tua fredda stanza

guardi le stelle

che tremano d'amore e di speranza

Ma il mio mistero é chiuso in me,

il nome mio nessun saprá!

No, no, sulla tua bocca lo diró,

quando la luce spenderá!

Ed il mio bacio scioglierá il silenzio

che ti fa mia.

Dilegua, o notte!  Tramontate, stelle!

Tramontate, stelle! All'alba vinceró!

Vinceró! Vinceró!