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Everything I Ever Need to Know about Dance I Learned from the World Cup

Don't overthink it.

Being part of a team is being part of one organism.  Every part of that organism shares the energy of every other part. It's all one thing.

Since it's all one thing, every part knows where the rest of the organism is, and where it's going, at all times.

The physical body disappears in the service of energetic impulse.

Give your life to learning to release the energetic restrictions impeding the free use of your own discrete body, mind, and spirit.

The greater and more evenly matched the players, the longer it takes to score.

And the more it means when it finally happens.

While potential for hotness must exist in order to play the game, actual hotness comes from playing the game.  A lot.

Live in accordance with your true self.  Harmonize reason and the capacity for abstract thought with instinct and life force.  Drop-dead hotness that makes women wet their pants and men shoot men in the street is the suggestion that instinct may, at any moment, get the upper hand.

Express your cri de cœur through a lifetime of skill mastery.  Give me Edward Frenkel (the mathematician who wrote Love and Math), give me Zidane, give me Vermeer, give me Mozart, give me Baryshnikov. Einstein, Joshua Bell, Jefferson. If I could change preferences, I'd take Cleopatra, Marie Curie, and Frida Kahlo too.

Homo sapiens is what happens when you put the brains of gods in the bodies of animals.  Own it.


Learn it all.  Forget it all.  Be.