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Body Astaireness

"I'm leaving myself inside the leg I'm leaving for as long as I can," I said.  In other words: not rushing.  "I'm connecting my root chakra with the ground."  In other words: standing up straight.  "I'm opening up awareness and control through my whole body."  In other words: feeling, not thinking.  "I'm sensing the vibrations of the impact of each step, as they traverse my adductors and pervade my iliopsoas group."  In other words: collecting.

Somewhere between the dance, the yoga, the massage therapy, the body sensitivity is becoming more and more finely tuned, I hear more and more acutely and specifically, and I can't un-hear.  I remember someone saying, "I FEEL EVERYTHING, I FEEL EVERY TINY THING," and it's starting to happen to me.  It is a blessing and a curse.

Right now body awareness (of my own and of other people's) is interesting me because I think it's a key to breaking down the mental barrier between "dancing" and "moving/playing/goofing off/hanging out/being in the moment/*feeling*."  Check this guy out...he's so aware of his body, and so used to controlling it expressively, that it's impossible to tell what's "dancing" and what isn't.  Everything is natural.  Everything is fluid.  He wears his body, he's in his dance.