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Alchemical Tarot — The King of Pentacles

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The King of Pentacles! The perfect card for the Year of the Metal Ox! How can we channel this Made Man?

This King is covered with the sweet fruits of his own enterprise, the glossy grapes of his robes flowing into his mature vineyard, where he sits, grounded on a stone throne, enjoying the golden sun.

This King is a self-made man, a lifelong entrepreneur, and a connective yet ultimately self-reliant visionary. He has spent his life developing the relationships and resources he needs to realise his goals, and has turned his experiences into solid gold.

He didn’t inherit his wealth, nor did he stumble into it by luck. Underneath his luxury, he’s a soldier: he is dedicated, disciplined, conscientious, reliable. He does the daily work for his goals, no matter how unglamourous. He’ll take a hit for his beliefs. He has applied consistent, considered, attuned effort toward his goals over many seasons. That’s how he developed his vineyard, prosperity, and fortune.

The King of Pentacles is a great place from which to make decisions. He shows up for himself like a boss, and you can too. If you were this King, how would you feel in your body? How would you hold yourself? How would you breathe? How would you process your thoughts?

If you were this King, how would you deal with others? What would be important in your decision making? What resources would matter to you? How would you allocate them?

If you were this King, how would you handle your current situation?

This is a great card to welcome the Year of the Metal Ox. (—And please notice the oxen carved on the King's throne!) —Oxen are conscientious and responsible, and consistently apply their strength to a greater goal. As is also implied by the connective nature of the Pentacle, they are good at working in teams. Like this King, oxen are sturdy and dependable and in it for the long haul. They move slowly and steadily toward their goal.

Metal is an element of duration, loyalty, solidity, ambition, precision, purposefulness, and orderly thinking. It's about meticulously acting on your own plan, trusting your own judgment, and being your own boss, just like the King of Pentacles.