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Alchemical Tarot — Six of Cups

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Namaste from the Six of Cups!

Who were you before you knew anything? This is a sweet card. It’s about accessing and operating-from the part of you that lives underneath all your years of shellacked character-creation. Who are you-just-you, the piece of you that is still there since before you had to Be Somebody?

Can you point your inner eyeball at that less-crafted version of yourself?

Can you let that person have a moment to breathe, to be real, to take the carapace off in a safe space and play?

How is it to let that side of you dominate for a moment? How do they feel in your mind? How do they feel in your body? How is it to sit as this part of yourself, to look out at the world as this part of yourself, to breathe as this part of yourself?

Who were you before you knew how to be You™?

Can you take a minute or five to let that, ur-You, run the show? Close your eyes, pause, let them be in charge?

What happens?

What do you hear or see in your mind?

What do you feel in your heart?

What would it be like if you brought some of this part of yourself into your everyday life?

Some people say this is scene is a walled garden, but I disagree with the words, although I agree with the idea that inside an intellectually-created outer protective structure, there is something free and alive that is growing and demanding our attention. But to me this card’s setting looks like any number of medieval European towns with hilly stone streets and periodic public clearings ringed with buildings. Cups are about emotions; for me the point of setting this emotional card in this little town clearing instead of out in the wilderness is to say, this architecture is the persona you’ve built up around yourself, and for now, we are talking about the tender felt self who lives in the empty space inside the architecture. Protected by your city walls, but separate from them.

If this card is pointing out to the world, it’s about meeting this place inside others from this place inside yourself. The original Namaste Moment, without all the Lululemon nonsense stuck on top of it. How would that be?

If the card is pointing in toward you, it’s about meeting yourself inside yourself. Can you can feel the sweet spot where your inner yang and yin meet and give and receive starry little white flowers?

How would it be if your inner masculine and feminine pre-personality energies were sweet to each other like that?