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Choose Your Own Adventure

When we dance, we embrace many truths. Instead of experiencing life linearly, one chosen nibble at a time, we experience it holistically, getting everything at once. Overwhelming.  Your truths, my truths, their truths, the truths of the moment, the truths of the's a truth explosion. And all the truths get equal weight, no matter how subtle, sweet, or random they may be. And all the truths lie there, unresolved, saying, “over time you will pick from amongst us and form a narrative.” They might never make any sense, but eventually you will choose which ones stick with you, and these ones will be the retroactive “truth.”

On this night...I sobbed on my yoga mat (again), chatted up potential massage clients over environmentally-conscious sushi, did not practice due to metatarsalgia and an excess of philosophical angst, and wondered how to balance compassion with self-respect.

On this night....

….My friend the Japanese kung fu master returned from his trip home.

….My friend the blonde Pilates instructor from the South contemplated a set-up date with a trendy restaurant owner.

….My still-on-paper-husband discovered he could take CalTrain back from Google instead of the GoogleBus.

….My friend the hamster I named after Rafael discovered a deep love of butter cookies.

….My son was excited to see his classmates after an extended school holiday.

….My mother told me my aunt who is dying of cancer only has a couple of months left to live.

….My friend the guitar player is at home in Argentina playing with other musicians.

….My friend the beautiful yoga instructor came back from Bali and told us to be who we are.

….My friend the Italian rocket scientist indulged in a bit of world-beautifying chamuyo.

….My friend the clothing designer dealt with returning to work while the baby is still small.

….My friend the dance teacher did not dance much.

….My other friend the dance teacher probably did not screw as many women as we assume.

….My friend the wonderful massage teacher went home to an empty apartment.

….My friend the bodyworker and sommelier adjusted to life in a new city with her man.

….My friend the violinist from Juilliard lived one more day in snowy rural Denmark.

….My friend the contractor with the Jekyll-and-Hyde temper promised to fix our front door.

….And you, my friend? On this night, what adventure are you choosing?