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You Say It Like It's a Bad Thing

There's a tango for everything, but we, a small but valuable social minority, need a better one than La Bruja. Great song. But it gives us a bad name. Really. Power can be wielded for awesome, not just for evil. Don't let a few miscreants spoil the game for the lot of us.

I, for instance, do my best to wield my powers for awesome. Just ask my preschooler. “You're a witch,” he says with nonchalant conviction, “and your magic power is that you make people feel better with your massage.” He's 100% right, my little warlock.

I also like to use my magic powers for strictly energy work, in fact, I like that even better than primarily-physical body work. It's more intense, more internal, more...tango. And with my Reiki, I take people who are sick, scared, stressed, and suffering, and I create the right conditions within them for them to facilitate their own healing processes. Or, provided nobody official is listening, you could just say, I take away pain and fear and replace it with peace and recuperation. Just ask my clients.

My cancer patient faced her surgery with acceptance and, in her own words, a profound and persistent sense of peace. When she came out the other end of it, she amazed doctors: the next step was to put her on huge doses of narcotics. That's how things go. But she hasn't needed or taken any narcotics at all! Her physicians are stymied. I say, that's Reiki for you.

Go ahead. Burn me at the stake. But you might want to schedule a little time on my table before the bonfire. I'm only thinking of you.

Happy Halloween.

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