• Good Grammar Is Sexy

    When you care enough to think the very best.

    Copywriting, Proofreading, Editing

    Please allow me to share my lifelong fetish for words with you. I am an inveterate wordsmith, chronic tinkerer, and compulsive editor. Let’s discuss how I can best address your copywriting, proofreading, and editing needs. Clear and dynamic communication is my raison d’être, and I want to help you share your ideas with the world simply and powerfully.


    Besides my blog (now tragically devoured by the interweb, but you can read a bit of its contents on Medium), the four published books, and another three on the way, I also used to write articles for a Canadian maternity and parenthood website called babygaga.com. Before that, I wrote Op/Ed pieces for and edited the Amherst Indicator, a political journal. I also wrote articles for and edited the Occidental, a now-defunct weekly newspaper in Los Angeles. I aced the Verbal and Analytical Writing Sections of the GRE with no preparation, completing each section in about 25% of the allotted time. I also aced the Verbal Section of the SAT, also with no preparation—but I’d be happy to help you prepare for it.


    Active prose and exquisite linguistic mechanics excite me. They make everyone look their best. Let’s start your verbal makeover today.


    Teaching English

    I love helping people acquire the tools they need to freely live their best lives. English is a popular and internationally widespread lingua franca, and your proficiency in it can exponentially increase your chances of success with an anglophone job, school, or potential romantic interest. Put a fluid command of English in your toolbox and live your best life! I am a TEFL certified teacher of English as a Foreign Language with five years of experience. Help me help you. Contact me for online sessions or for in-person work in Berlin today!


    How magical would it be if your words resounded in people’s imaginations with the same energy as you intended, even if those people can’t read the language in which you wrote? Reach out and touch someone who wouldn’t otherwise know what you’re saying, via the power of thoughtful and artisanal translation. Allow me translate your Spanish, French, or Italian text into English that sings and seduces. Because the difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug (—Mark Twain).

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