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    Treat yourself to the gift of well-considered prose, warm-hearted laughs, and sharp observations on life. Chronicles of the Unseen, The Book, is available on Amazon and looks great with every outfit.

    Click on the link to take it home with you in satisfyingly analog paperback form.


    (Amazon review for Chronicles of the Unseen: "A delightful, delightful read, with turns of phrase that fizz on the tongue. These stories are as profound or as picaresque as you want them to be, but always full of truth. Get this book and devour it all at once, but get two, because you'll want to pass one along, and then keep the other to return to every so-often and inevitably find something new. You'll love this if you liked Coelho's The Alchemist but found it to be kind of full of itself. The author here is entirely aware of the absurd non-linearity of the human condition, and can laugh at it and love it in the same breath.")


    If you can't get enough of my sparkling prose, well...I just lost six years of Blog in one fatal keystroke. BUT you can still click on this red text to check out my essays on Medium!


    Only Connect: Moments of Humanity from Around the World, is the coffee table book of touching yet sophisticated photography you always wished existed. Well, now it does.

    Renew your faith in humanity and take home your copy today.


    (Amazon review for Only Connect: "Fantastic candid 'street photography,' like something by Cartier-Bresson. Great glimpses of life and love around the world.")


    The Saltwater Yoga Pictures were the darling of a section of the New York art scene for a spell. My saltwatercolour asanas, I wanted the act of painting them to be energetic yoga in itself.


    Thirty-Four Names for Love: Three Monographs is a collection of three series of mixed-media paintings I did about exploring the myriad ways we have to connect and to love in this world. It combines The Mirror Neurons Series, about dance teachers of mine who had healthy relationships worth emulating, The Love Series, about some of the less-obvious ways we show and share love, and Musicians on Paper Bags, a jazz riff on making immediate, roll-up-your-sleeves, share-the-message-now art.

    Life is so short. Make it beautiful. Make it count.


    It Takes Two: Tango Dancers I Have Known and Been and The Wandering Gypsy's Sketchbook

    are coming soon!


    (Stay tuned next year for the eventual publication of the profound and picaresque collection of adventures that will be Travelogue from the Land of Men and Women.)